Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Pancreas

Dear Pancreas,

I wish I knew you'd give up on me ahead of time, but that is all behind us now as you've shown your true colors. I have to move on.  I've known for quite a while now that I haven't been able to rely on you, but I'm finally taking the time to write to you. 

We had some good times you and me, wouldn't you agree?  We would enjoy chocolate covered ice cream sundaes and yummy delicious baked pastries together.  Or eating cereal, pancakes, french toast or waffles with pure maple syrup.. basically all my favorite breakfast foods.  Making, baking and eating homemade muffins and cookies. Drinking fruit juice or munching on endless amounts of fruit.. adding honey to my hot tea... I'll never forget those good times.  

But now that you've been gone you made me realize that I can no longer enjoy these things without you. Looking tirelessly at the nutritional labels, measuring and counting out everything that I eat or drink. I simply cannot enjoy all of it without you.  And when you return, which I am most certain you will, you have taken the joy out of eating a lot of my favorite foods.

That is not to say I cannot enjoy food without you, but I just now know things about some of my favorite foods I never wanted to know. And because you left me I now face a daunting understanding that you could very well choose to leave again during my life and I will always need to remember that.

I always thought I was tolerant of pain. I was wrong.  Because you left I have to deal with self inflicted pain on my fingertips multiple times a day. I won't lie. It hurts. My fingertips are both rougher and more sensitive now. It's frustrating all the things I need to remember to do now that you left. I keep numerous alarms on my phone to keep track of everything but even then sometimes I forget.  You were always better at remembering things.

When you left it meant it also meant I had to take full responsibility over everything.  I thought we could do this together hand in hand, but I was wrong.  And I'm disappointed in you. I don't like how you left, but I can manage this.  This won't break me. You won't break me. I can do this on my own.

Please reconsider and come back when baby is born,

With Love ♥ Michelle

p.s. even though I am mad at you for leaving, thank you for opening my eyes and giving me a different perspective and understanding on the how others live without you on a daily basis. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What not to say to a pregnant woman

In case you weren't sure about what NOT to say to a pregnant woman, I made up this great list here. Since I finally announced on my blog that I am indeed pregnant I figured I needed to post this! I have had this post in my mind since the summer...wrote it while I was 33 weeks pregnant, and I'm just now publishing it at 38+ weeks LOL. Anyways I think it is helpful to those who aren't sure what they should and should not say to a pregnant woman.

1. WOW you look big/huge/large/have a basketball or watermelon in there!
This should be without mention. You shouldn't have to be told NOT to mention how big a pregnant woman is.  Not only is she carrying a human life, she also is hormonal. How about just saying "You look beautiful!" No need to concentrate on or mention her size.  No need to make ANY comment on how she looks like she is going to "pop" any minute now. Every woman is different; every pregnancy is different.  So every woman will carry differently, depending on their height, weight, how they normally carry weight etc. WHO CARES. Point is, she is carrying a human life in there. So shut up.

2. You look TINY! Are you sure you are {number} weeks? Are you eating enough?
Ok this is just insulting. Are you insinuating that I am not healthy, or eating enough and that I should be bigger? Are you my doctor? This kind of question only should come from my doctor or midwife who follow my growth throughout the pregnancy.  Again; every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.  Some women might not get as big as others. It doesn't mean anything! So what it isn't "fair" so and so is smaller than you were. Grow up and leave the insulting comments to yourself.

3. Can I touch your belly?*
I could write a book on this. Seriously what is the fascination with belly touching and rubbing? I have NEVER understood this. Why? Whyyyyy??? You are not touching the baby. You are not making a connection with baby.  What you are doing is touching my belly; you are touching my body. As if the body and belly is public property for everyone.  Feeling baby kick and touching the belly are intimate things.  Just because a woman is pregnant doesn't mean that she must forget all her personal boundaries and levels of comfort because everyone and their mom wants to touch her.

You should also know that by simply asking to touch a belly leaves the pregnant woman in an awkward situation. If she says no, that puts a strange twist on the conversation because in all honesty people do NOT like to hear no, and its not really easy to say no thanks because what really happens is that people usually ask WHILE they already are touching the belly. 

So Listen. When baby comes out, you are more than welcome to hold her (or him). While she is in my belly, please don't just come and touch or rub my belly.  You wouldn't ever dare rub someone's belly if they weren't pregnant. Even when said woman is pregnant, it is still her belly you are rubbing, not the baby.  If a pregnant woman wants you to touch her belly, she will have no trouble asking you or telling you. Otherwise it is safer to keep your hands to yourself.

*It is important to note that each pregnant woman has a different level of comfort around this subject*

4. You are breastfeeding, right?
While I am so very touched that you are concerned with how I will or will not use my breasts, this is a personal topic.  You shouldn't insinuate that I must breastfeed.  Some women cannot breastfeed for numerous reasons and you telling them the benefits of breastfeeding is not helpful.  It is 2013. We all know there are many benefits to breastfeeding. however, it is not up to YOU or your concern what I do with my breasts. And it is not some sort of competition on who breastfed longer, or who is more "crunchy", or who loved breastfeeding more, or I loved my kids more bc they were breastfed. Motherhood aint a competition I can assure you.

5.  How could you NOT want to know the gender?
Every family is different! Some people love the element of surprise! And it really wasn't too long ago when everyone had to wait. So its really no big deal if someone chooses not to find out if its a boy or girl ahead of time.  That baby does have to come out eventually. So you'll know then. And i bet it will be a boy or a girl.  Personally, I need to know the gender.  I'd prefer organizing things beforehand and if that means getting new clothes, or reusing clothes from a previous pregnancy, I like to know ahead of time. But again, I'm not going to push my need on someone else.

6. Are you sure? You must be having a {insert gender}!
So sorry to disappoint you I am not having a boy.  I know. those old wives tales on how you carry are so precise. And the doctors must have gotten it wrong, so yes I'll have them double check for me next time. What is the point in this question? Why am I have an argument with you over what the baby's gender is? Were you there during the ultrasound? No. Do you have xray vision and can see through my belly and can tell if it is a boy or girl? No. So please don't try to argue with me that the way I am carrying means I must be having a certain gender. (yes I've had people tell me/argue with me to double check and get an extra ultrasound because the doctors were wrong because I am carrying a certain way).

7. Have you picked a name yet? What is it? (followed by; tell me please! I won't tell anyone!)
I get this a lot.  Everyone and their mom wants to know the name.  However, when you have determined your list of favorite names, or even the exact name, ahead of time then everyone also has an opinion.  An opinion on how they knew a so and so in middle school and how he/she was like this or that.  I know that names come with connotations based on your life experiences.  And that before baby is born people have this need to tell you what is "good" or "bad" about that name.  After baby is born, no one cares. Because it is already finalized and they are holding the sweet precious baby and could care less about the name and they just love him/her.  So that is when you'll know the name. Until then I may or may not pretend we have no names. We actually may have none, or we may already know the name. You'll never know. My husband and I are going to pick a name that both of us agree on, regardless of what other people think.

*this one isn't actually very insulting, but can get annoying after multiple repeat offenses*

8. Did you want a {insert gender}?
This is another odd one. As if I had a choice whether or not I had a boy or girl.   And then afterwards is usually a response to how the person (who asked the question) loves her boy so much (0r girl) and couldn't imagine having the other gender.  Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't get to choose whether I was pregnant with a boy or girl.  Sure, a woman can dream of having a boy, or dream of having a girl.. but when it comes down to it they will (hopefully) love their child no matter what gender.  So of course I'm personally going to think girls are the best ever, because I'm blessed with one already and have another one on the way.  I also know that friends who have boys, or had a boy first tend to find that they think boys are the best and such a blessing.  In the end, you get what the Lord gives you. You love them all the same.  

*gender disappointment can happen, but it does not equate to not loving your unborn/newborn child*

9. So how many kids are you going to have?
OK. WHAT? During both pregnancies I had people, family and strangers ask when we'd be adding more babies to our family. Um... Let me take one at a time. I am the one going through the pregnancy, labor and delivery. If you want more babies than gladly go ahead and do it yourself. As for if I am having more kids that is a decision between my husband and I, not the world (even though I know we do make good looking babies ;) )

10. Say NOTHING. Just stare.
This is one of the worst offenders.   And even worse, I see this mostly done by women.  I don't understand why people feel the need to stare down on pregnant women.  Not in a nice way either.  I've received this stare a LOT. Perhaps because I look young? The other day I was walking Mia and I saw a group of moms jogging with their babies in their strollers. They had stopped a little bit ahead of me so when I passed them I said good morning and hi to them with a smile. They completely stopped talking and just stared at me and even looked down at me.  And I know (because I checked after) I didn't have boogers hanging out from under my nose. I'm not sure why they decided to just stare at me, but seriously that is rude. And if they are making assumptions on my situation and assuming things that I am perhaps single and young and pregnant well they couldn't be further off. A simple hi back would suffice.  I'm not asking to be your friend. Just common courtesy.

What I DO love to hear as a pregnant women:

How are you feeling? That simple question is a great question to start a conversation, as opposed to the above.  Sometimes I won't feel like talking, but other times I'll let you know how I am feeling. Because growing a human being is hard work.  Even if you love it, or you are struggling it isn't a walk in the park.  And it is so nice to feel appreciated and to have others genuinely concerned with your well being :)

You look beautiful. That will never get old.  I certainly don't feel beautiful. I do feel big, and it never hurts to tell me how good I look-- even if I do look like a whale ;)

Anything else you would add to this list? :)

♥ Michelle

Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I Like: Pine cones

Pine cones

One of my favorite parts of Fall, aside from all the lovely colors, is the abundance of pine cones.  And most importantly I like to step on pine cones. The crunchy noise underfoot is like none other.

It brings me back to my childhood when we used to step on as many pine cones as we could find. To this day, I go out of my way to step on one. I also can admit that I am mildly disappointed when a pine cone is not crunchy..

♥ Michelle

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dishwasher Packing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Do you, or someone you love, suffer from Dishwasher Packing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (DPOCD)? If so, then this is the post for you.

Hello! My name is Michelle and I have DPOCD, which is a very serious condition.  There is a right way to load a dishwasher and a wrong way. I apparently am the only one who knows the right way. And I will reload it if necessary, and then mentally attack you (you, who cannot properly load the dishwasher, you) with ninja swords. You've been warned. 

I'm not quite sure when I discovered I had DPOCD, but once I was diagnosed my entire life made much more sense.  There is a reason to the way I pack a dishwasher.  I don't just pack dishes for the fun of it. I don't particularly love doing dishes. But I do know there is a right way and a wrong way to load the dishwasher. Since I have been blessed and know the correct way I figure I can put this out there to help others in need.

There are some simple truths about dishwasher packing that you should know and accept before moving forward:

5 Truths about Dishwasher Packing:

1. There is a right way to load a dishwasher.
2. A correctly loaded dishwasher washes the dishes better.
3. Loading the dishwasher is an art form.
4. Every dishwasher is unique and deserves it's own packing technique.
5.  Anyone can learn how to correctly load a dishwasher.

With all that in mind, what can you do? Don't worry. I've got some suggestions to help you out.

What you can do if someone you love is suffering from DPOCD:

1. Put the dishes IN the dishwasher. OK, so yes, I know you can't properly load the dishwasher (because I've seen what you do), and you possibly know that I can (obviously). But that doesn't mean you just leave all the dishes in the sink, or worse the counter next to the freaking sink.  I'd much rather rearrange dishes then have to grumble my way through putting an entire sink of dirty dishes in the sink because you are too lazy. And don't use the excuse that you were going to do it later.  I guarantee you I did give you enough time to put them away.

2. Pay attention to the dishwasher.  If your loved one is always putting a specific plate in the same spot, then it is really simple: when you load the dishwasher, put it in that same spot.  I guarantee that after two dishwasher loads you'll see the pattern and how to load it. Plus you'll prevent your loved one from having an anxiety attack.

3. Learn where the dishes "live". So, you still can't load the dishwasher properly even after you have tried many times? Don't worry. You can still help. The least you can do is to put away the clean dishes. That does require knowing where the dishes go.  Finding a million tupperware on the counter because you couldn't figure out where they go is not helpful at all. Every dish has a place. Take five minutes and study your cabinets. (oh and by the way, for the tupperware, it is very simple to stack tupperware. Please don't act like you don't know how to put the larger ones on the bottom and stack with the smaller ones inside. That is considered basic stacking skills, something you learn as a toddler.)

4. Follow the basic rule that like dishes go together. Don't put a large plate, then a small plate then a bowl all in a row in your dishwasher.  Put all your large plates together in a row; then all your small plates together in a row; then all your bowls together in a row.  That way the dishes stack are much more snug and you can fit more in your dishwasher. Go ahead and try it. Your mind will be blown. (and now you understand your loved one better now).

5. If it is late at night and the dishwasher has not been started yet you need to spring into action! Quickly load/finish loading the dishwasher and start the cycle.  This will give your loved one a break.  But please keep in mind the above suggestions and don't just throw all the dishes in the dishwasher. Loading the dishwasher is an art form, remember that.

What you can do if you suffer from DPOCD:

1. Take one dishwasher load at a time. If you start to get overwhelmed with dishwasher packing, remember it is only one load at a time. So do this one load and then take a breather. Then go reward yourself and eat some chocolate. you deserve it.

2. Understand that you can properly train others how to load a dishwasher. Also keep in mind that they will completely forget their training within less than a week. Baby steps. Baby steps...

3. Pick 1 (yes ONE) thing that drives you crazy about the other dishwasher packers in your household to work on at a time. For example: So and so keeps putting a particular utensil on the top rack.  Not only does it clearly belong with the utensils it also hasn't been coming out of the dishwasher fully cleaned. So then you have to rinse it again after it has already been washed in the dishwasher.  So try saying something like this, while loading the dishwasher of course, "Oh hey {insert name} I realized that this {particular utensil} doesn't wash well in the top rack and would wash better with the utensils. Just so you know next time!" Warning: This step may need to be repeated multiple times.

4. If the above suggestion does not work please allow Mr or Miss so and so, who obviously enjoys dirty dishes, to empty the dishwasher themselves -- OR leave spatula as is and let them discover that it is not coming out clean by themselves.  This can be particularly difficult because not all people notice cleanliness of dishes, so this may prove unsuccessful.

5. Give yourself a curfew.  If it is late at night and you should be going to sleep and you see a few more dishes that need to go in the dishwasher DON'T DO IT. Don't do it because more than likely you'll have to rearrange the dishwasher because someone else in the family did not load it properly. So don't even open the dishwasher. Leave it AS IS. Have someone else start the dishwasher and walk away. That way you prevent yourself from spending at least 20 minutes rearranging. And you more than likely rearranged it earlier in the day so the damage is hopefully minimal.

If you or a loved one is suffering from DPOCD, do not feel alone.  There are others who understand and feel your pain.  If you are looking for a place to vent, here is a safe place. 

And, Remember my friends; loading the dishwasher is an art form. It should be treated likewise.

♥ Michelle

*disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I proclaim to be one. 
If you should need medical attention for your DPOCD please seek out your doctor for help.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Things I Like: Fall


To me, Fall is one of the most gorgeous seasons.  
Although I don't enjoy cold weather I do enjoy the beauty of Fall. 

 I especially love how vibrant the leaves are-- almost as if God painted them Himself. 
 Beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow mixed in with the evergreens.

 Some trees you have to look twice because you can't believe how vibrant and how colorful they are!!
Above is one of my favorite trees that I see during my walk with Mia. At one point the leaves on the tree were all four colors: red, orange, yellow AND green. It was so beautiful!

With all the vibrant colors around I find it so easy to see the beauty in everything. 
Fall also makes me slow down.  On my daily walks I usually stop at the pond and sit with Mia, and soak in all the colors.  I listen to the squirrels scurrying up and down the trees and I hear the birds calling to each other. And for a moment I don't care about the time, or my to do list, or anything. I just sit and soak in the beauty.

♥ Michelle

Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting Caught in the Rain

Maybe I don't pay good attention to the weather because I did not realize it was going to rain today!  So as I was cleaning up the kitchen I looked outside and saw it pouring. I opened some of the windows and listened the rain.  I absolutely love listening the rain. It is so relaxing and soothing. And as I listening to the rain it made me think about getting caught in the rain...

Is there anything else more romantic? more liberating? Such a wonderful feeling to get caught in the rain. Having the raindrops beat on your clothes, your skin sopping wet and you are without a care in the world. For a few moments time seems to stop. You don't care about anything for that moment in time and you feel free. Almost like a kid again.

Mia and I got caught in the rain on our walk the other day. And it made me think of all those things. Except NOT. It took that one time for me to realize there are some unspoken truths to getting caught in the rain.

Getting Caught in the rain is one of the most amazing things.
Unless you have glasses on. Or are walking your dog. Or don't have any pockets.

::Don't get caught in the rain with glasses on::
You ever notice how in movies, shows, commercials etc that the people who get caught in the rain almost never have glasses on? There is a reason for that. Glasses don't come with windshield wipers.  And if you are blind, like me, the rain on your glasses makes getting caught in the rain not so fun.  Now I can't see well because my glasses have water on them and my clothes are wet so can't fully dry my glasses so I'm walking around while staring at the floor so I don't get any more rain on my glasses... Note to self: Remember to put in your contacts if rain is in the forecast.

::Don't get caught in the rain with your dog::
And how about if you are walking a dog? No matter how much you love dogs you cannot tell me you love that wet dog smell. ugh. 

When Mia and I got caught in the rain on our walk the other day we must have been a sight to see. Not very romantical or liberating. More like annoying. We look like drenched rats.  And because my dog is soaked that means when we get home I have to dry her and then I have to smell her until she completely dries off. JOY.

::Don't get caught in the rain without pockets::
Sounds funny right? Except its not. There goes your cell phone, or any piece of technology you have because you decided to wear this cute/stupid outfit that has no pockets. Proceed to put your cell phone underneath your clothes where it hopefully will not get soaked and ruined.  And then not to mention all the articles about not having your cell phone close to your chest because it will give you cancer. You'll have to brave it out for the rest of the walk, well now run because you have your cell phone in your bra, while chanting "I will not get cancer. I will not get cancer. I will not get cancer...."

There may be some more unspoken truths that I am forgetting.. maybe I'll need to get caught in the rain again to figure them out... ;)

♥ Michelle

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dog Ownership and How [NOT] To Walk Your Dog

That's Me! Dog Lover right here. With my dog Mia.
Don't mind my no makeup with less than 3 hours of sleep face.
Dog Lover.
Mia (our Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie) has been in our family for almost two years now, and there are things that I have come to realize about being a dog owner. Before I get to that you should know that I grew up around dogs. When I was born my parents had a Yorkshire Terrier, then we fostered a spaniel mix (i think?), then fostered a white German Shepard for a while and then we had two Brittany Spaniel/black lab mutts who were brothers from the same litter. One of them is still alive! (15 years old and still going!) I have always been around dogs and have always been a dog lover.

Owning a dog.
But I had never owned a dog.  Sure I called my parents dogs "my" dogs, but in reality they were not mine. I didn't buy them, didn't purchase the dog food, didn't pay for vet bills, didn't take the responsibilities of walking them, feeding them, picking up after them, training them, bathing them etc (the list goes on).  I learned that just because one of my chores was to feed them, or that I gave them medicine when they needed it, or even that I walked them every once in a while did not equate to my owning a dog. That is what I call pretending you own a dog. 

Because in all honestly owning a dog is a lot more work and responsibility than cuddling and the occasional feeding. You have to change your schedule for your dog. No you can't go out later because you have to go home to let out your dog so he/she doesn't piss all over the house. And no you can't sleep till noon on the weekend because your dog needs to go out and be fed. by you. 
Mia, our Sheltie, waiting patiently to be walked
My Mia.
Enter Mia.  Since we've had Mia I learned what it means to own a dog - including the daily walk. From 7 weeks old we started teaching her to walk (granted those walks were a lot shorter than the walks now). I would even walk Mia when it was cold! And I hate cold weather, so that says a lot right there.  Walking a dog may not necessarily be a thing you always want to do. You have to do it. When we didn't walk Mia or get her the exercise she needed last winter she actually gained weight. And was not as healthy as before. So regardless of how I am feeling I need to walk her and give her what she needs.  and what she needs is to be walked and get her exercise. Not just hugs and cuddles.

In my dog walking adventures I've come across a lot of other dog walkers. I've done some casual observing. And I have come up with this helpful list on 5 ways how [NOT] to walk your dog. I might have to add to this list as the years go by. I do hope you find this list helpful.
How [NOT] to walk your dog.

1. Give your dog the entire leash. Let your dog walk you. Look like you are struggling walking your dog as you trip over the leash because he or she is roaming the roads and pulling you along like a horse and chariot.

I've seen this over and over and over again. Owners tripping over the dog leashes because they give them way too much leash. The dog goes from the left side and then sees something on the right side. The dog is all over the place, walking in zigzag formation and the owner is at the dog's mercy. Or the dog is walking so far ahead of the owner you don't even see the owner at first. That is a great idea. Especially when there are cars around. I've seen so many close calls of dogs going into the street, or crossing a road/intersection before their owner and a car not seeing them properly and having to stop hard. That is an accident waiting to happen. (Unless of course you are trying to get rid of your dog. Cuz dog ownership is hard. Then wow. props to you for being so bold and out there in the open with that). You really don't need your dog walking 20 feet ahead of you. It makes it more difficult to pull them to safety if need be. Plus it doesn't look like you are walking the dog. It looks like the dog is walking you. Who is the owner again? And again, who exactly is being walked?

Here is a brilliant idea: Why don't you give your dog less leash to roam? 

2. Don't leash your dog at all. Completely forget what I just told you. Why bother use a leash at all? Because everyone knows your dog is "friendly" as they come bounding at them at full speed. And that is totally acceptable. To have 70 plus pound stranger dogs jump on you.

And I'm supposed to assume that every strange dog barking and bounding towards me is friendly? Um... no. Not at all. Especially because I am walking my own dog, who is 25 pounds, and I don't know if this stranger dog running at me is prone to being nice one second and then goes terror dog the next. Plus your dog is three to four times the size of my dog... Of course I'm going to get a tad nervous around your dog because I DON'T KNOW YOU. Or your dog for that matter. And you not rushing over to save me from your strange huge dog from jumping on me is not helping. So stop yelling at me from across the street that oh he is friendly and not to worry. How about you leash your dog and stop it from jumping on top of strangers?

For some reason why do I only find people with large dogs do this?

I must say there is one exception to this rule. To the man, whom I've run into a few times while walking Mia, who owns that older German Shepard who literally walks himself (the dog holds the leash in his mouth) I think you are completely excused from your wrong doing.

If you are not in a dog park, or an open field, Put your dog on a freaking leash.

3. Don't carry a plastic bag. Let your dog use the world like a personal toilet. Because hey the grass is greener on the other side because they let dogs poop on it.

Yeah I just saw you. You let your dog crap all over that person's yard and you walk away nonchalantly without a care in the world. First off that is gross. You own a dog, therefore you have to clean up after it. It's part of owning a dog (^see above section, owning a dog.) Even if you own a cat, or a bird, or a fish you have to clean up after them too. It is part of owning a PET for goodness sake. And second I do not appreciate almost stepping in dog poop when walking from the car to pick up Eliana from school. Yeah. I mean in front of a school? C'mon! How hard is it to have a plastic bag with you? And for those of you that let your dog poop on the sidewalk? I have no words for you.

Pick up after your dog.

4. Get a dog that is twice the size that you can handle. Get the biggest dog you can find. Because when they are puppies they are so so so cute and don't ever think about the fact that they will one day be larger than 80 pounds and strong enough to tow your SUV out of the ditch. And don't ever get them trained. Because the bigger the dog is, the less training they need. That is how you handle big dogs.

OK what is this fascination with getting huge dogs that you cannot handle around where we live? I've seen it way too many times! The owner cannot even walk the dog-- doesn't have the strength in him, or her, to hold back the dog.  I'm sorry but if that is the case you probably should not have gotten that big of a dog. You are being dragged by the dog at a 45 degree angle and seriously you look like you will fall and get hurt if the dog suddenly stops pulling you.  Or at least get your dog trained. And I mean professionally. You look ridiculous if you can't handle your own dog. And if you say you don't have the time or money to get your dog trained.. again. I say to you. Why then did you get a dog? Just to have it? Also if you do have a huge dog please refer to previous section, in which you will need to carry twice as many.

Get a dog the size that you can handle.

5. Be anti social. Most of all be anti social while walking your dog. Don't let your dog socialize with other dogs as they walk. If you see a person walking their dog you must inconveniently cross over to the other side of the road in order to avoid socializing.

I mean seriously how crazy is that? I have had people completely avoid me and Mia by crossing to the other side of the road-- which doesn't even always have a sidewalk-- just to avoid us. Seriously? The dogs really just need to sniff each others butts, see where they've been and they will completely calm down.  Unless you have a muzzle on your dog and your dog is vicious there is no need to completely avoid socialization.  The dogs are just dying to sniff each other. And what is the worst that can happen? You might have to say "hi" to the other dog owner. I'm not going to keep you for 30 minutes with small talk. A simple hi, oh how cute is your dog and bye. I might even ask how old your dog is. I might not. Trust me its not that difficult to let your dog socialize. And what I've noticed is that after the dogs sniff each other they all calm down. The barking stops and they are fine. They just wanted to sniff each other! So get off your high horse (or your 80 plus pound dog) and socialize for two seconds of your life. Its good for you. Oh and your dog too.

Let your dog sniff another dogs butt.

And that my friends is how [NOT] to walk a dog.

♥ Michelle

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Moment with Me

Hi there!

Well where to start... My name is Michelle...hence the title "A Michelle Moment" ;)

I decided to start my own personal blog so I could have a space where I can ramble my thoughts.  On my food blog I talk all about fun food and bentos that I pack for my daughter's lunches and snacks. But sometimes I have other things I want to say or to process.  That is why I made this space for myself.

Writing can be very therapeutic and I have always enjoyed it (except in undergrad and grad school where I had to write a paper every week...).  When I was younger I used to dream of being an author who had a dog, lived in her own house, in the woods with a stream or brook nearby (I was very specific in my dreams). At least I got the dog part right ;)

Here I'll be writing about myself, my family, my dog (who is the cutest Sheltie ever by the way), pregnancy, parenting, my thoughts, life, faith, and maybe even food sometimes. But no cute food will be found here I assure you. 

So sit back, have some hot cocoa and take a moment. A moment to breathe, or to laugh, or to cry, or to vent or all of the above. This is a moment for me that I offer to share with you.

♥ Michelle