Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Moment with Me

Hi there!

Well where to start... My name is Michelle...hence the title "A Michelle Moment" ;)

I decided to start my own personal blog so I could have a space where I can ramble my thoughts.  On my food blog I talk all about fun food and bentos that I pack for my daughter's lunches and snacks. But sometimes I have other things I want to say or to process.  That is why I made this space for myself.

Writing can be very therapeutic and I have always enjoyed it (except in undergrad and grad school where I had to write a paper every week...).  When I was younger I used to dream of being an author who had a dog, lived in her own house, in the woods with a stream or brook nearby (I was very specific in my dreams). At least I got the dog part right ;)

Here I'll be writing about myself, my family, my dog (who is the cutest Sheltie ever by the way), pregnancy, parenting, my thoughts, life, faith, and maybe even food sometimes. But no cute food will be found here I assure you. 

So sit back, have some hot cocoa and take a moment. A moment to breathe, or to laugh, or to cry, or to vent or all of the above. This is a moment for me that I offer to share with you.

♥ Michelle