Monday, October 28, 2013

Things I Like: Fall


To me, Fall is one of the most gorgeous seasons.  
Although I don't enjoy cold weather I do enjoy the beauty of Fall. 

 I especially love how vibrant the leaves are-- almost as if God painted them Himself. 
 Beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow mixed in with the evergreens.

 Some trees you have to look twice because you can't believe how vibrant and how colorful they are!!
Above is one of my favorite trees that I see during my walk with Mia. At one point the leaves on the tree were all four colors: red, orange, yellow AND green. It was so beautiful!

With all the vibrant colors around I find it so easy to see the beauty in everything. 
Fall also makes me slow down.  On my daily walks I usually stop at the pond and sit with Mia, and soak in all the colors.  I listen to the squirrels scurrying up and down the trees and I hear the birds calling to each other. And for a moment I don't care about the time, or my to do list, or anything. I just sit and soak in the beauty.

♥ Michelle

Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting Caught in the Rain

Maybe I don't pay good attention to the weather because I did not realize it was going to rain today!  So as I was cleaning up the kitchen I looked outside and saw it pouring. I opened some of the windows and listened the rain.  I absolutely love listening the rain. It is so relaxing and soothing. And as I listening to the rain it made me think about getting caught in the rain...

Is there anything else more romantic? more liberating? Such a wonderful feeling to get caught in the rain. Having the raindrops beat on your clothes, your skin sopping wet and you are without a care in the world. For a few moments time seems to stop. You don't care about anything for that moment in time and you feel free. Almost like a kid again.

Mia and I got caught in the rain on our walk the other day. And it made me think of all those things. Except NOT. It took that one time for me to realize there are some unspoken truths to getting caught in the rain.

Getting Caught in the rain is one of the most amazing things.
Unless you have glasses on. Or are walking your dog. Or don't have any pockets.

::Don't get caught in the rain with glasses on::
You ever notice how in movies, shows, commercials etc that the people who get caught in the rain almost never have glasses on? There is a reason for that. Glasses don't come with windshield wipers.  And if you are blind, like me, the rain on your glasses makes getting caught in the rain not so fun.  Now I can't see well because my glasses have water on them and my clothes are wet so can't fully dry my glasses so I'm walking around while staring at the floor so I don't get any more rain on my glasses... Note to self: Remember to put in your contacts if rain is in the forecast.

::Don't get caught in the rain with your dog::
And how about if you are walking a dog? No matter how much you love dogs you cannot tell me you love that wet dog smell. ugh. 

When Mia and I got caught in the rain on our walk the other day we must have been a sight to see. Not very romantical or liberating. More like annoying. We look like drenched rats.  And because my dog is soaked that means when we get home I have to dry her and then I have to smell her until she completely dries off. JOY.

::Don't get caught in the rain without pockets::
Sounds funny right? Except its not. There goes your cell phone, or any piece of technology you have because you decided to wear this cute/stupid outfit that has no pockets. Proceed to put your cell phone underneath your clothes where it hopefully will not get soaked and ruined.  And then not to mention all the articles about not having your cell phone close to your chest because it will give you cancer. You'll have to brave it out for the rest of the walk, well now run because you have your cell phone in your bra, while chanting "I will not get cancer. I will not get cancer. I will not get cancer...."

There may be some more unspoken truths that I am forgetting.. maybe I'll need to get caught in the rain again to figure them out... ;)

♥ Michelle