Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy 2 Years Mia!

Yesterday is the day we celebrated two years ago we brought home Mia!
2 years ago, yesterday :)
So in honor of Mia's two years with us and her 2nd birthday (in November) I thought it would be fun to share a few fun facts about Mia with you. I do share pictures of her on Instagram all the time but it would be nice to celebrate yesterday :)

Mia does not like the rain. If it were up to her she wouldn't go out in the rain at all. Many times she will whine to go out but when she gets to the front step and sees that it is raining and pouring she decides to not go out. She never has an accident but I'm always shocked at how long she would rather hold her bladder than just go quickly out in the yard lol. She also avoids puddles like the plague.  So while we take a walk if there is a puddle she purposefully goes around it. Its funny to watch but I don't like the smell of wet dog so I think it works out perfectly :)
9 weeks old, first time in the snow
However--She loves the snow! I absolutely do NOT like snow. Its beautiful to look at but that is about it for me.  I don't enjoy cold weather at all, even though I was born in Boston and have lived in the North East all my life. Mia on the other hand LOVES cold weather and loves snow. Figures!

She is easily scared. I mean seriously. Any loud noise and the dog has a heart attack. Its ridiculous.

She has never bitten any of us. Even accidentally.  As of now anyways. But I am VERY proud of her for that. Eliana grabs her hair, pulls it, pulls her everywhere by the collar or the tail and she has never bitten her and frankly I'm surprised! She has snapped and nipped at Eliana to hint that she is irritated but never bit her. And she has never snapped at people she doesn't know. She is just timid around them. She has also been WONDERFUL with Samantha and wants to be by her, lick her and protect her. Its adorable!

She loves to LICK. She will lick you all over if you let her. It drives me bananas but it is super cute. :)

Those EYES! That NOSE! are the cutest you've ever seen! ;)

She loves shoes. She doesn't eat them-- never has -- but when you take off your shoes she will dive her head into it and sniff it all up. So don't be self conscious about your stinky feet if you are around her. She loves EVERY shoe regardless of how stinky it is or is not.

She is very expressive with her ears. One of my absolute favorite parts of her are her ears. I LOVE how expressive she is with her ears and how they change with her attitude.  They are floppy but very light so with the wind or while we are walking they flop all over the place. Sometimes her ears will be in different directions sometimes because she is listening to everything. When she does something wrong they flatten.

So that is our Mia! :) Happy Second Birthday Mia! :)

(Eliana helped design this for Mia's birthday in November hehe)


I'm going to take a Michelle Moment and being really honest. I also want to take the time on this post to say that the second anniversary of our beloved Kiwi's tragic death was in November. While Mia has been a huge help in the healing process, and has been a perfect fit for our family.. it still doesn't feel good two years later and I still miss Kiwi. I do sometimes feel bad for Mia because my heart changed the day we lost Kiwi. 

Please don't misunderstand me-- I Love Mia, I do. But when you lose a pet before his/her timing in a tragic way it changes you.  And knowing that you would not have gotten said pet if the previous pet was still around can hurt sometimes. I mean its not like we had Kiwi for a day and then lost him. We had him for five years. He was with us through every move we made, he would sit on my shoulder during ever paper I wrote for school, he was with me throughout my first pregnancy and loved to sit on my growing belly. He was a part of our family. I missed not having him around during my second pregnancy.. there are many times I miss him. It still hurts.

Even if you don't like birds or understand birds you can understand the loss of a beloved pet before his/her time. my Kiwi was the most amazing cuddly bird ever. My relationship with him will never be replicated and I absolutely loved him. I'm so thankful we had him for five years and I will cherish those five years forever. RIP Kiwi 06/01/2006-11/19/2011


 ♥ Michelle